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Classic Lash Extensions

One extension on one lash

Classic Full Set                               


(takes 90-120 mins)    

Classic Regular Fill (2-3 wk)           


(takes 60-75 mins) 

Classic Extended Fill (3.5-4wk)      


(takes 90-105 mins) 


Classic Fill From Another Salon    


(takes 60-90 mins)   

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Classic Lash Extensions

Volume Lash Extensions

Handmade 3D-5D fans on one lash

Volume Full Set                                   


(takes 120-150 mins) 

Volume Regular Fill (3-4wk)               


(takes 90-105 mins) ​

Volume Extended Fill                        


(takes - 105-120 mins) ​

Volume Fill From Another Salon       


(takes 105-120 mins) 

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Hybrid Lash Extensions

50% Classic and 50% Volume

Hybrid Full Set                                 


(takes 90-120 mins)    

Hybrid Regular Fill (2-3 wk)            


(takes 60-75 mins) 

Hybrid Extended Fill (3.5-4wk)       


(takes 90-105 mins) 


Hybrid Fill From Another Salon     


(takes 60-90 mins)   

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Lash Lift

Treatment to add curl to your natural lashes that lasts 6-8 weeks

(takes 60 mins)



Classic / Volume / Hybrid

(takes 30 mins)

*We recommend getting Fills every 2-3 weeks AND/OR when there is about*
40-50% of remaining eyelash extensions still on. This way you will leave with the fullest set.

During the Regular Fill appointments we add in half of the set to your remaining lashes from your previous appointment. If you happen to come for a Fill with a lesser amount of remaining extensions, then we will add in as many extensions as we can within the timeframe. You can choose to get an Extended Fill which gives us additional time to add more extensions. 

Our lash artists will make a suggestion when they think there is a need for an Extended Fill but it ultimately is your decision. We will always have your best interest at heart.

    Regular Fill = 50% of the Set.      
Extended fill = 75% of the Set. 
Full Set = all of the natural eyelashes covered

On average clients shed 20% of eyelashes due to a natural eyelash life cycle and/or regular wear-and-tear. Please see Aftercare page to maximize retention.

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