Dear Clients,


We are a small business that solely relies on income generated from appointments and until mandatory closures of beauty salons, we will remain open. We are doing our part as responsible individuals to support our clients, our workers, our vendors and our community.  To ensure the health and safety of our staff and clients,  please do not  come to your appointment if you are exhibiting any signs of sickness including a cough, fever, or sore throat, or if you feel unwell. 


We have implemented the following measures to ensure the health and safety of our clients and staff:

  • a) We are modifying our hours/schedules to Limit the number of clients and staff members on premises at a given time.

  • b) We have semi-isolated booths and we set up our work stations so that clients are 15ft apart from each other

  • c) We will offer House calls for a 2x normal rate         


Even prior to Covid-19, we went above and beyond with our cleanliness and disinfection protocol. This is what we did/do differently from other salons and our clients can attest to it: 

  • a) We use a one-time disposable bed sheet cover

  • b) We verbally let clients know we were washing our hands while clients were getting situated on the bed getting ready for the appointment

  • c) Our licensed cosmetologists/Estheticians passed the state board licensing examination that tested the knowledge of infection prevention and disinfection of tools

  • d) We use a hospital grade disinfectant that is antiviral, antibacterial, anti fungal and approved by CA Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.

  • e) We offer a hand sanitizer available for our clients to use before/after the appointment at our reception desk

  • f) We offer paper tissues to clients to avoid direct contact with door knobs and door handles

We appreciate your continuous trust in our expertise and let us know if there is a way we can be of service.


Luxurious Lash Extensions

We are Eyelash Extensions Experts who perform wonders by carefully attaching extensions to your own natural eyelashes.  We take pride in excellent results and it is our priority to ensure your well being and safety.


Our lash extensions are feathery soft and made of high quality materials. The adhesive used is non-toxic and formaldehyde free. The extensions will stay put for the duration of your natural lash life cycle. Each eyelash remains in its own life cycle, with a few of your natural eyelashes falling daily. To maintain the fullness of the lash extensions we recommend touch ups every 2-3 weeks.


For sensitive eyes we recommend to do a patch test 48 hours prior to your appointment.



CLASSIC   Extensions 

          (one extension on one lash)                   


Classic Full Set                                  $150  (takes 90-120 mins)    

Classic Regular Fill (2-3 wk)           $70

 (takes 60-75 mins) 

Classic Extended Fill (3.5-4wk)      $90

 (takes 90-115 mins) 


Classic Fill From Another Salon    $90 

 (takes 60-90 mins)   


Classic Removal                                  $35

 (takes 20-40 mins)                                    



 VOLUME    Extensions

(handmade 3D-5D fans on one lash)

Volume Full Set                                 $250

 (takes 120-150 mins) 

Volume Fill (3-4wk)                             $110

 (takes 90-105 mins) 

Volume Extended Fill                         $150

 (takes - 105-120 mins) 

Volume Fill From Another Salon    $150

 (takes 90-120 mins) 

Volume Removal                                  $55

 (takes 30-45 mins) 




HYBRID    Extensions   

  (50% CLASSIC and 50% VOLUME)



Hybrid Set                                           $200

 (takes 90-120 mins)    

Hybrid Fill (2-3 wk)                             $90

 (takes 60-75 mins) 

Hybrid Extended Fill (3.5-4wk)     $120

 (takes 90-115 mins) 


Hybrid Fill From Another Salon    $120

 (takes 60-90 mins)   


Hybrid Removal                                  $45

 (takes 20-40 mins)                                    



Lash Lift (treatment to add curl to your natural lashes that lasts 6-8weeks)   $105

**We recommend getting Fills every 2-3 weeks AND/OR when there is about

40-50% of remaining eyelash extensions still on. This way you will leave with the fullest set.


If you happen to come for a Fill with a lesser amount of remaining extensions, then we will add as many extensions as we can within the time designated for a Fill. You can also get an Extended Fill which gives us additional time to add more extensions. 

Our lash artists will make a suggestion when they think there is a need for an Extended Fill but it is ultimately your decision. We will always have your best interest at heart.


*REFFERALS: Refer a Friend and once she receives service, both of you will get a one-time 15% off on any service.

*SOCIAL MEDIA: Help us spread the word by Posting a pic of your lashes & tagging @Wonderlash_LA or reviewing us on YELP and receive $10 off your next service.



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Business Hours:


8:00am-9:00pm Monday-Sunday





Call or Text 310-295-8751


127 Broadway #210

Santa Monica, CA, 90401


Upstairs above "Thai Dishes"



2091 Westwood Blvd., 

Los Angeles, CA, 90025

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Call or Text: 310-295-8751

Business Hours 8:00am-9:00pm Mon-Sun


127 Broadway #210 Santa Monica, CA, 90401


2091 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles,CA, 90025